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Host an Activity at

Haus of Meta.

Thank you for your interest in providing an activity for the residents at the Haus of Meta. We're open to a multitude of  activity options and we want to hear what you would like to offer our residents

  • If this is your first time planning an activity for the Haus of Meta, all representatives from the group must attend a brief orientation and in person screening.

  • All participants must be 18 years or older. 

  • No more than 3-5 people may lead a group.

Activities can be held any day of the week, but we are busiest on Tuesday's through Thursday. We recommend coming in for activities in the evening hours since that is when we most frequently see guests. However, we're open to day time activities as well.

How to Sign Up to do an Activity at

Haus of Meta

1.) Carefully read the Activity Guidelines.

2.) Recruit your team and select a date & time.

3.) Sign-up your group using the attached form.

4.) We’ll contact you to confirm. Once your group, date, and activity is approved, you will receive confirmation from us either by phone or e-mail.

5.) Be creative and have fun!

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