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Haus of Meta
Activity Guidelines

Activity Guidelines

Don't forget to be creative and have fun!

1. Groups are limited to 3-5 volunteers unless approved by Haus of Meta prior to the activity date. Haus of Meta has limited space and we may not be able to handle large groups exceeding 5 volunteers. Please contact the Haus of Meta staff if there are any questions or issues.

2. Please have your group arrive 30 minutes to an hour prior to your scheduled start time to register with the house manager and set up any materials. Please allow for ample clean-up time so volunteer groups are able to exit the house by 9 pm at the latest.

3. Nightly Activities are great especially after a long day of  rigorous activity and meetings. They offer an opportunity for our residents to unwind after a long day.

4. All ideas for activities are welcome, but they must be approved by Haus of Meta management prior to your scheduled activity date.

5. Children under 18 are not allowed in the volunteer groups.

6. Activities can take place in the main living room of  Haus of Meta or in the back yard area depending on what space is needed. Please discuss the need for space with Haus of Meta management so the correct amount of space can be determined.

7. Please bring any materials or equipment needs for your activity. Haus of Meta relies entirely on donations, so it is not guaranteed we will have the supplies or equipment available, including a sound system.

8. We cannot guarantee the number of individuals that will be available for the activities. The Haus of Meta's resident schedules may only be known the day of the activity. However, we will encourage all residents to participate and be present at the specified day and time.  This is not a reflection of your performance.

9. Haus of Meta is nondenominational. We accept families of all religions, nationalities, and cultures; therefore we cannot accommodate any programs that are religious in nature.

10. At no point can volunteers be left alone with residents who are currently residing at the Family House.

11. No community restitution or court-ordered volunteers can be accepted.

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