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Producing Sober Social experiences.

Who said sobriety can't be enJOYable?

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Who We Are!

Sober + Social

Haus of Meta is a  Non-Profit Organization that caters to the Sober (Recovery) community. Our mission is to create safe Sober social experiences to bring awareness to substance abuse.

We understand that no one is PERFECT and we pride ourselves on focusing not on how many times we fall, but rather how many times we're courageous enough to get back up and fight on.

Sober Social Events

No events at the moment
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Haus of Meta specializes in Sober Social events. We create safe places for our society to experience joy without the temptation of substances. 

Your charitable donation will enable Haus of Meta to continue to produce safe Sober Social experiences for the community as well as provide resources to help aid in indefinite recovery. 

Our strength is amplified with collective action, and you can help make a difference with Haus of Meta right now!

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